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Only 3,000 spaces availble for the beta


We are a team making a change on how we get IT Support.

Getting IT Support is a massive faff. Scammers, bad support and long waiting times is something we are looking to make part of the past. With our revolutionary platform we are creating a secure and safe place where users can get IT Support. We love meeting like-minded engineers and support technicians that share our vision.


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Tell us what skills and experience you have. We will match available jobs to your skills and experience. Become one our trusted engineers.


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Let's empower you by offering additional training to broaden your skillset, opening doors to a wider array of job opportunities just waiting for you.


Get notified when someone logs a issue

On our platform, anyone can log issues that they are experiencing with their software or hardware. They can log chats, calls, AR video calls or engineer bookings through the app. Instantly get notified when a job is available.


Everything in one app

Take charge of your work load. The more issues that are fixes, the easier it becomes to diagnose and fix them.


Tracey is having a issue with her iPad pro, it's a known device issue that's easily fixed, will you chat with her?


Jon's having issues with his network switch. Will you go on a AR video call with him to help him connect his devices?


Alex has solved his own issue with the smart fix tool. This makes it easier for users and engineers to diagnose similar issues


Gavins busy and wants to book a engineer booking for you to deploy some new access points. Will you help him?


Bob's having issues with a unreliable internet connection to his business premises. Will you hop on a call and help him?


Hardeep is having issues with his PlayStation 5, its not a known device issue, will you chat with him to get him back up and gaming?


Hamza wants help switching from a iPhone to a Samsung mobile device. Will you chat with him and help him switch faster?


David needs a team of IT Engineers to come and setup computers in his new office. Will you set a date and help him start his business?

Access thousands of users

Get access to thousands of users that are signed up on our app.


How the app works

With years of experience in IT Support and engineering. We have figured out a way to make any software/hardware issue simple to solve. Here is what we came up with.

  1. Users add devices to their account.
  2. They can log known issues by searching on the app or they can log a new issue.
  3. They can try fixing it themselves using the smart tool or they can log either a chat, call, AR Video call or a engineer booking
  4. Notify engineers when the user makes a request
Join our wait list and have your voice heard for suggestions and additions to the app.

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Only 3000 spaces available for the beta


Engineers matter

We always have to deal with working with bad companies that do not care about us. This platform will change that. We're different.