BLUUBRIDGE is the next leap in technical support technology. Bringing together all the best ways of getting IT support in one app, powered by Ai.

What we do

We are packaging everything that is good with technology support into one app, allowing users to get trusted IT support on demand.

Using the latest technology available we are bringing together Ai smart support, chats, call and AR technology support in a fresh new app. Making sure users get the technology support they need.

The goal of BLUUBRIDGE is to create a app so everyone can get access to the right technology support for them.

We want our users to only pay for what they need. No contracts or waiting for someone to pick up the phone.

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Ai powered smart fixes collected

We have already released a early beta version and tested our Ai powered smart fix tool. Resulting in 1000's of smart fixes for a range of software and hardware.

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    Ai Smart Fixes

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    Engineer Chats

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    Engineer Calls

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    AR Video Calls

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    Engineer Bookings

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Work flow

  • Add your device

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  • Find a known issue

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    Known issues

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    Support types

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We allow users to add any device or software that is sold in any country using our special Api. We also allow users to log issues that are not known by allowing them to enter a few quick details of the issue they are facing.


We are adding more features on our App every release. If you have any suggestions let us know

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Here are some FAQ's we have collated.

If you have anymore questions please contact us using our contact form at the bottom of the page.


BLUUBRIDGE started as a concept to Revolutionize the technology support industry. We was aiming to be the Uber of technology support but have now expanded to include Ai and more features to fit user needs.

What features are being added to the app?

We have added Ai smart fixes and engineer chats. We are planning to expand our offerings to add engineer calls, video calls and engineer bookings.

What are Ai smart fixes?

Ai smart fixes are articles that are powered by Ai to help you fix issues with your devices yourself. It is currently powered by Gemini Ai.

Who can use BLUUBRIDGE?

BLUUBRIDGE has been designed to be used by everyday consumers and enterprise consumers. Our team has used their experience in both sectors to bring a app that makes it easy for both sectors.

What funding is BLUUBRIDGE looking for?

We are currently looking for seed funding. This is so we can speed up the proccess of bringing our revolutionary app to the market.

How do i join the Beta program?

You can join our exclusive Beta program by clicking here.

What is the goal for BLUUBRIDGE?

The goal of BLUUBRIDGE is to change how consumers and enterprises get IT Support. We have created a roadmap for providing users with a alternative approach to technology support. We provide a cost effective alternative to IT Support contracts.

Can i join as a engineer?

Yes! We are looking for talented people to join our engineering team. You can choose what you do and what times you work. Join here.


Phase 01

June 11, 2022

Brainstorming concept and started projects

We created a plan of how we wanted the app to work and started our project with a modern Go backend, a Angular engineer backoffice and a app made using Flutter.

Phase 02

January 01, 2023

Added smart fix functionality

To allow users to fix their own issues while learning more about diagnostics and repair, we added the smart fix feature to our app.

Phase 03

2023-07-31 July 31, 2023

Added engineer chats

We added Engineer chats so users can instantly request support and be put in a chat with a engineer.

Phase 04

November 04, 2023

Added the ability to add devices

We gave users the ability to add their known devices to their account to be notified of updates and so they can log issues quicker.

Phase 05

November 24, 2023

Beta launch

We launched a early version of the Beta with core functionality for our beta users. We had some fun and got back alot of usefull feedback.

Phase 06

March 10, 2024

Added Ai to smart fixes

To enhance our smart fix tool, we added Ai to support a endless amount of devices and software.

Phase 07

April 1, 2024

Renaming and Rebranding

We renamed the company to BLUUBRIDGE and rebranded the app to fit our ethos and amplify our brand recognisability.

Phase 08

April 28, 2024


We are going to finish adding features to our app and start looking for seed funding.

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